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Scheffler's disease: determining the causes and methods of treatment

A house flower called a sheffler has a highly decorative appearance, but non-compliance with growing technology, as well as negative external factors can provoke not only the emergence of diseases in the plant, but also its death. That is why, in order to maintain the decorative qualities and plant health, it is necessary to carry out regular inspections and strictly observe the agricultural technology of flower cultivation in home floriculture.
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Iberis: description of species, growing technology and use cases in landscape design

Iberis, or Iberian (Iberis), is an annual or perennial garden flower belonging to the genus of herbaceous plants from the Cabbage family. Domestic florists this plant grown in open ground is also known under such names as pepperbox, variegated petal and stennik. Iberis annual and perennial: description of species and varieties. Flowering of ornamental grasses or shrubs is represented by umbellate racemose inflorescences.
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The most beautiful weaving and climbing plants for the garden

In the garden landscape, annual and perennial weaving plants for the garden are increasingly used. Flowering all summer decorative curly cultures become the center of universal attention at the cottage in the spring-summer and autumn periods. Weaving plants for the garden Curly perennials and annuals are used in landscaping.
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We are ours, we are new ...

The story of the hard-working and loving cottage Abramov family was published as part of a joint competition between Karcher and. Our plot in the village is exactly the same as we dreamed of: both from the edge, without neighbors, and in the center of the village, around it are pine, and Christmas tree, and oak, and birch, and linden, and lilac, maple and mountain ash. On the plot itself, apple and pear, currants and raspberries grow, cherries and cherries, plums and cherry plums grow.
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Why bell peppers are wrinkled and lethargic

Hello! I collect Bulgarian pepper, and on a pair of bushes it is wrinkled, lethargic. What is the matter with them? Leaflets are clean, healthy ... Tags: Greenhouses 679 views | 08/15/2015 04:19 Last questions: There is a picture of moss, but I don’t know the name. Victor asked. At my cottage, someone eats red beet leaves and carrot leaves. Who is this?
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