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How to make pancakes in milk without eggs

Not all housewives know that you can cook pancakes without eggs in milk. And this is a big omission, since the lack of eggs is not a hindrance in the preparation of delicious pancakes. This article presents seven recipes for which absolutely no eggs are needed. Every housewife will be able to find here her signature recipe, which will appeal to her and her beloved household.
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How is plum transplanted?

Often when re-planning a site or starting construction, one has to think about how to transplant the planting to optimize the space. In this case, the whole process should go so that the root system is not injured, and the survival rate is as fast as possible. The most suitable time for this process is late autumn (after the leaves fall) or early spring (before the movement of the juice).
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Mother-in-law's tongue: a snack for every taste

A large number of recipes have been developed, with the help of which they prepare the language of mother-in-law for the winter: canning eggplant is a traditional option, and some housewives use zucchini instead of this vegetable, add a touch of personality to the dish. This dish is also prepared using additional vegetable ingredients in the form of tomatoes, chili, paprika, garlic.
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Topiary: an original gift for any event

A birthday topiary can be made to any person. What is an original birthday present for mom, sister, girl? Of course, the topiary! Practical, unusual and such a bright gift will delight every day. You can think about what to give for your birthday. But a handmade gift will be much more expensive and more enjoyable than something bought in a store.
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Questions and answers

Beekeeping: where to start

The topic of beekeeping has long been interesting for me and my husband. There are three empty clues. Tell me how to start it all, where exactly, how to relocate the family and what needs to be done in stages for successful beekeeping. Not for sale, but for yourself. Thanks! Tags: Beekeeping 976 views | 12/06/2015 00:51 Last questions: There is a picture of moss, but I don’t know the name. Victor asked (at my place) Someone eats red beet leaves and carrot leaves in my dacha. Who is this?
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How to freeze pancakes for the future

Many housewives prepare pancakes for the future, because it is very convenient due to the saving of time and effort. It is enough to knead the dough and the filling once, warm the pan, and the pancakes can last for 3 months. However, for storage, you need to freeze pancakes, and how to do it right is described in the article. Freezing rules To prevent pancakes from sticking together, they must be properly frozen.
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