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Why eggplant does not form fruits

I’ve been trying to grow eggplants for years now, it doesn’t work, one greens. What do they lack, what needs to be done to be with eggplant?

They still somehow stepson.

Clearly, I last year in a greenhouse carbon. Planted with peppers.

What does bush formation mean?

We remove unnecessary stepsons. I still remove the extra peduncles. I leave large ones and delete small ones.

Thanks, I will do as you said

I've also grown in a greenhouse. Earlier in about. G. Brought humus floor buckets on the bush. There was a lot of eggplant. Planted in the greenhouse and away we go. That pollination is not. It’s wet, it’s dry.

And he doesn’t like drafts.

Agree! I also planted earlier in the garden, there were eggplants, but for several years I planted in the greenhouse - there is no nifig. This year they will go back to the garden, let them grow there.

I was thinking everything. Why. Stopped making manure. Planted in the greenhouse. In about. Mr. Kalaraka lives. But this is nonsense :-). But the harvest is provided 🙂

Sorry for the stupid question, and who is Kalaraka? maybe lives with me, but I don’t know.

🙂 colaradean bug 🙂

Ahhh, no, I don't have that

And we have taken root in Belarus. Freak striped 🙂

And you plant together with tomatoes in the greenhouse. I have grown remarkably last year. True, when it got colder and the rains started (and it got colder early) they started to mold the poor fellow: (They love warmly. And in Udmurtia there are problems with this 🙂

I still had cucumbers there

Well, I also had a corbon greenhouse last year. Grew only with peppers, which didn’t work (I don’t want tomatoes, I grow there alone

Handsome men

Here I am about the same 🙂 I didn’t. Only I seem to have sown them before. I had them last year like mugs 🙂 My husband cursed that they were blocking the light when they were in the apartment 🙂 Although it may depend on the variety.

And what fertilize?

The husband loves to ferment grass 🙂 He also added horse poop there.

This year I don’t want to plant them 🙂 My task is to grow that thread from Chinese seeds.

What kind of seeds? Where do you buy, order? Very interesting

My family friend made friends 🙂 On aliexpress he ordered me seeds 🙂

There are scary, but interesting to grow 🙂

I also wanted to order seed and onion flowers there. But after reading the reviews, she did not crack. Now it’s interesting what you can do, write to me later.

I am also very interested in what you will succeed. I myself ordered the seeds with Ali, but neither eggplant, nor pepper, nor petunia, nor viola, nothing came up. And from 30 pcs. Tomato sprouted 6 pieces in total. They are stunted. Athas. Although other seedlings are already excellent in the country, it is earning on the windowsills.

Then you write to everyone about the results, please

Why can't you plant peppers? Last year I grew with cucumbers and peppers and it seems like nothing

I forgot one more. Eggplant loves short daylight hours. 12 hours.

Why not? I planted them together for a turn, only as it turned out, it is better to plant them in a garden under a shelter than in a greenhouse, although many people do not grow poorly in a greenhouse.

These are peppers 🙂 Black and “not clear which ones” 🙂 I don’t even want to show tomatoes. Only 3 of each of 10 went up. Although in bags of seeds! Enough for a whole plantation 🙂 Cucumbers have not yet been sown.

Thank you for the answer, good luck

This is growth. And yes there seeds, to a fig!

I didn’t even sprinkle strawberries on them 🙂 I sowed without sprouting into a snail from sachets, and they waved it like

Well, you have at least good germination. Mine didn’t come up at all.

But I’ve kept energy for 2 hours before sowing 🙂

I soaked epin on snails. Here in the autumn, you are boasting about the harvest, and perhaps next year I’ll try again to sow everything I’ve gathered

Have agreed

Friends! We are waiting for a report from you

Queen of heaven, what is it?

This is the Chinese!

In that year, I adopted my own children.

Where did you plant the eggplant? And with what?

I apologize, but I did not understand the question. I mean, where and with what?

We plant eggplants from everything separately (in the lock). They like it there. And in the garden. Does not work. Colorado is their thrill. Never stepson. There has always been a crop. This year I want to try to stepchild. Purely for fun.

Apparently, Mary means in the greenhouse or og and alone or with neighbors I am also interested! So handsome!

Open ground, neighbors peppers, eggplant planted at a distance of 40 cm

Eggplant sit in the garden, next to peppers.

I realized thanks. I was just exhausted, I planted it for the first time in an og, two greenhouses - one big one, I wanted to plant tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, watermelons, melons there. But it turns out a lot of things. The second greenhouse is small, 2 * 3, there are cucumbers. And what how to redistribute I can not understand. And I also read that it is better to plant eggplants on the og. Hard for the inexperienced.