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Greenbox Greenbox: features, types, reviews

Gardeners and gardeners who are actively following new products have been familiar with Greenbox greenhouses for years. During this time, this greenhouse design has acquired its ardent fans and those who are skeptical of it, pointing to its main drawback - the size. But that was only the beginning. In a short period of time, Greenbox has released a full line of different greenhouses from mini to titanium. Let's see if it is worth spending money on the acquisition of such an advertised greenhouse?

Design: what are the features

The Greenbox greenhouse is a galvanized profile frame lined with polycarbonate. You need to start with the fact that the frame is made of a durable galvanized profile, which loses a little to the strength of the steel frame, but is lighter, not afraid of corrosion, its service life is at least 20 years. No less durable is polycarbonate, which covers the frame. This material has proven its reliability and durability for a long time, it is not surprising that it was taken as the basis of the greenhouse.

In appearance, it is indistinguishable from silicate or acrylic glass, but does not have their drawbacks:

  • resistant to external damage;
  • with a serious impact, the structure may crack, but not shatter into pieces;
  • withstands temperature fluctuations with ease;
  • optical permeability is the same as that of glass.

This is all that is perfectly suited for a greenhouse. After all, it is accidental impacts when working in and around the greenhouse that damage the structure. This means that it cannot accumulate the heat in itself, which is necessary for plant growth and further good harvest.

Types of greenhouses Green box

The manufacturer of these greenhouses designed their line to cater to the most demanding customers.

So, the lineup consists of three main models:

  1. Mini
  2. Classic.
  3. Titan.

They differ in size and functionality. If it is recommended to take a mini for the production of seedlings, then the remaining models allow you to grow quite good amounts of vegetables. But most often greenhouses in our country are used to the maximum, therefore it is not surprising that any of these models were tested not only by seedlings, but also by vegetables. But let's look at each type of quiet greenhouses in detail.

Mini: it's all about size

This is a greenhouse for beginner gardeners or those who are constrained in land resources. It has rather compact dimensions: width 140 cm, height 180 cm with a length of 210 cm.

  1. Two small side beds can be made in it to grow both seedlings and oversized vegetables there. It is useful for lovers of exotic flowers who need more heat than our latitudes can give.
  2. The frame consists of a U-shaped galvanized profile of 2 by 3 cm, with a wall thickness of 0.12 cm. At the joints, the frame is additionally fixed with steel inserts to provide the necessary structural rigidity. Such a design will withstand the weather conditions of the middle zone of our country, but is not suitable for northern latitudes.
  3. The range of temperatures acceptable for a greenhouse ranges from -40 to +80 degrees. In winter, the greenhouse does not need special care.
  4. It can withstand severe snow loads.
  5. A doorway and a window are located at opposite ends of the greenhouse. All this is covered with a durable polycarbonate cloth that meets the requirements of GOST. They fasten it with steel tape and self-tapping screws, which increase resistance to wind and fracture during installation and operation.

Classic: Gold Standard

This type of greenhouse is in greatest demand, because its size and price are affordable for most people and are ideal for growing vegetables.

  1. Unlike the mini model, this width is increased by 1 and 1.6 meters, respectively 240 cm and 300 cm. It can be the same height as the previous model or 30 cm higher.
  2. The length of the greenhouse starts from 4 meters and can reach 8.
  3. Arcs of the frame have an installation step equal to a meter. This provides greater durability of the greenhouse.
  4. Profile parameters are similar to the previous form of the greenhouse, but the doors and windows are already twice as many.
  5. The doors are located at the ends of the greenhouse, and the vents on the sides are parallel to each other. This allows for free access to fresh air, which not only saturates the plants, but also helps to regulate the temperature in the room. Here you can safely place three small beds or two large.

Titanium: Enhanced Classic

In external parameters, such as height, width and length, this model of the greenhouse does not differ from the classic. But it was created for more severe weather conditions.

  1. Her entire body is reinforced. So, the pitch of the arrangement of the arches of the frame is 65 cm, which increased the snow and wind load almost one and a half times.
  2. The length of the greenhouse comes in 3 sizes: 4, 6 or 8 meters.
  3. If desired, the number of window leaves and doors can be increased from the standard two. Thicker in it and a U-shaped profile: equal to 0.15 cm.
  4. Despite the massive structure, it is easy to transport it by car to its destination.
  5. The number of beds is similar to the classic model of a greenhouse.

Summarize: advantages and disadvantages

The undoubted advantages of these greenhouses are:

  • a wide range of temperatures, to which the greenhouse is indifferent;
  • creating the necessary microclimate for plants;
  • resistant to hail;
  • heavy snow and wind load;
  • the possibility of self-assembly;
  • long operational period;
  • Three year manufacturer’s warranty.

Despite all this, there is a drawback in it - the lack of holes for screws. To fix polycarbonate on the frame, you need to make holes for the screws yourself and only then connect the structure. Because of this, damage often occurs in these places, which violates the integrity of the greenhouse and creates a place for leakage of useful heat.

Judging by the reviews of those who have already won the greenhouses of this company, the maximum length of the greenhouse is also considered a drawback.


Nikolai, Kaluga, 42 years old.

Greenhouse advertising promised an incredible greenhouse for relatively little money. He began to search for information from other sources, but at that time it was nowhere to be found. I decided to take a chance and bought myself a classic model. I was upset. The screws that came in the kit were clearly Chinese and bent from the slightest impact on them. But they still needed to connect the skin to the frame. And not a single hole. Well, drilling, as I thought, is not a problem. Total three points with cracks in the drilling site and one large hole. Dissatisfied with the greenhouse.

Irina, Moscow Region, 38 years old.

Polycarbonate is the cheapest, and this deterioration is already at the assembly stage. The price is good, but I’d better pay extra and buy something better.

Olga, Pskov, 28 years old.

Normal greenhouse. I took two mini and very pleased. For the third year I have had excellent seedlings. The coating is excellent, assembled by representatives of the manufacturer. It cost a little more, but without problems. Already two neighbors bought the same, no complaints. Sorry the site is not enough, I would have put it.

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