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Why did seedling growth stop after a dive

Good evening! My question is: I peeled tomatoes and peppers in glasses. Something they stopped growing. It worries me. Maybe something did wrong? Or are they still feeling bad? Can feed something?

Feeding can be done no earlier than 2 weeks later.

And what will you start feeding?

In general, I never fed seedlings, they always grew good. This year I bought this fertilizer for seedlings, I'll try. In principle, any nitrogen-containing fertilizer can be used.

I also bought exactly the same. But I think only to water when I land in the ground

I bought Health here. It is for feeding seedlings.

Thanks. And I'm so upset. I thought everything. Let's see what happens in 2 weeks.

I’m planting for the first time, so I’m interested. I'll try to feed one part and not the other. Let's see the result.

I also took this feed.

The transplants first begin to grow roots and then the leaves)

And as I taught Julia, I do not feed seedlings at all) only when I already plant them in the garden)

It all depends on the land into which you are transplanting the seedlings, Yulia has very good land with humus, so it does not feed anything, and if the land is poor, the seedlings will gain strength for a long time and will be a little late in returning the crop, vermicompost in this case will be what is needed.

And in this energy, instead of epin, I sprouted seeds on toilet paper in a snail. All very well rises

Friends! Have you noticed that many complain about the stunting of seedlings? The whole wall in questions or comments pops up about it. This Rastishki smells in late spring, also a leap year, in general jolly!

It is one and the same, different manufacturers. Growth activators

Feed, it won't be worse

Girls, if you want to feed your plantings, then exclude nitrogen, it only causes rapid growth, feed phosphorus and potassium, they will add nitrogen in the garden 2 weeks after planting to set flower buds. Or in extreme cases, fertilizers where nitrogen is at least in relation to phosphorus and potassium.

Peppers slow down in growth if they don’t like something, tomatoes, on the contrary, are pulled out if something doesn’t suit them.

Heard 2016 will be hungry.

This should not bother us 🙂 All window sills in seedlings

Tell me, please, why did the seven-piece peppers rise (like hare ears)? I disconnected the battery, they are on the windowsill. Maybe it affected? But the apartment is not cold.

Have you tried to spray with Energene already? How many drops do you need? I soaked the seeds in it 90% sprouted. And how much does it take to spray sprouts?

Earth will not leave hungry, that’s why “unlucky” will sing differently, all sectarians and sectarians

About spraying, nothing is said here)

Try to cover the bottom and sides of the boxes with a dark film, otherwise the roots in transparent cups do not like it :-) This is proven by experience 🙂

And what do you think, if you make a greenhouse from a dark beer bottle (cover it with the neck of the same bottle) and plant cucumbers, open when nothing comes of it? I mean it will not be dark?

Cover Natalya’s better with shoe covers) and until he bends what he’s done) plant)

Very small peaked (Julia always teaches not to rush 🙂

Maybe it's just in the evening

I turned on the battery and they dropped the leaves

So I don’t know) I’m generally a novice, peppered peppers when there were 2 real leaves, 300 grams cups full of ground, so they started growing faster on me, and a bunch of leaves appeared quickly, although I read that you can’t pick them so early.