What can be made from watermelon: familiar and original recipes

Summer is not only the sea, relaxation and night parties, it is also the season of the most delicious berry - watermelon. And when the first impulse and hunger are satisfied, the logical question arises - what can be done from a watermelon? There are a lot of options. Interesting?

What can be made from watermelon: ideas

There is never a lot of watermelon, and it is sorely missed in winter, when there is a cold and a blizzard outside the window, and I really want a piece of summer. But even in the midst of the watermelon season, I want something so-and-so.

No problem, have ideas:

  1. Salting berries as a whole in a barrel, and slices. This workpiece has a sweet and sour taste. Great as a snack or rescue product during toxicosis.
  2. Freezing to get an additive to cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, as well as a component for popsicles.
  3. Make juice that can be drunk immediately, prepared for the winter, or added to cocktails or other drinks.
  4. Make jam.
  5. Make topping, syrup, or condensed juice to cover pastries or desserts.

How to save a watermelon for the New Year

How to make juice from watermelon at home

Watermelon juice at home can be prepared in three ways, you just need to choose the one that will appeal to you:

  1. Make a hole in the watermelon so that the whisk from the blender passes into it. Insert the nozzle and turn on the medium speed mode. Drive a whisk throughout the interior, whipping the flesh. Strain and you can drink, but you can’t prepare it for the winter according to this recipe.
  2. Use a juicer with a special nozzle, which will allow you to get a gentle juice, without hairs of pulp and seeds. If the juice is boiled and poured into sterilized jars, rolled up, then it can be stored for up to 6 months in the cellar. If desired, sugar and citric acid are added to it to make the taste more pronounced.
  3. Cut the watermelon, take out the pulp with a spoon, which is passed through a dense sieve. The liquid is filtered and either drunk immediately, or closed for the winter.

The recipe for stripped watermelon juice

For it, you can take any amount of watermelon pulp, but you need to understand that in the end you get three times less product than at the beginning.

We give an example on a watermelon, which gave 10 kg of pulp, which you need to take:

  • a glass of sugar;
  • dessert spoon of citric acid.

And then cook like this:

  1. Beat the pulp with a blender or pass through a juicer with a special nozzle. In the first case, the resulting liquid will need to be passed through cheesecloth to get pure juice.
  2. Pour the juice into a saucepan, add sugar and put on a big fire so that the liquid comes to a boil. After that, cook for 3-4 hours over low heat, stirring occasionally. If it turns out to be too sweet, you can add a little water at this point.
  3. When the mixture becomes a little thicker and evaporates, you need to add citric acid and boil for another 5 minutes.

Pour one stripped off juice into prepared containers for storage and roll up, or store under a nylon cover in the refrigerator.

How to cook condensed watermelon juice?

There are many recipes in which condensed watermelon juice is present, but they are better known as watermelon jam.

There is a standard recipe for its preparation and quick:

  1. Standard: add sugar to it in watermelon juice (both pure and pulp) and boil until the juice becomes thick. Then add citric acid to adjust the taste.
  2. Quick: for it, gelatin is added to the juice, but they do it like this:
  • per liter of pure juice add sugar to taste and a pinch of acid, mix;
  • pour a little juice into a cup and add a 30-gram pack of gelatin to it;
  • give gelatin juice at least a quarter of an hour;
  • the juice is brought to a boil and gelatin is added to it, stirring constantly;
  • this liquid can not be brought to a boil, just let the first bubbles appear and remove from heat.

According to the standard recipe, condensed juice can be prepared for the winter, but juice with gelatin is often "bombed". You can sterilize it, but the whole procedure must be performed accurately and without errors, and then this treat will remain for 3-4 months.

Watermelon in its own juice

Harvesting watermelon in your own juice can be made as a sweet dessert, as well as a sweet and sour snack or an addition to salads. In both cases, it turns out very tasty preparations, which rarely survive before the New Year holidays.

On an average watermelon, weighing 3-4 kg, you need to take:

  • watermelon juice without pulp;
  • sugar;
  • citric acid or vinegar.

Cook like this:

  1. Wash the watermelon clean, wipe.
  2. Cut it into small triangles.
  3. Place watermelon slices in a clean jar that was previously held over steam. To do this is pretty tight: subsequently they will sit down.
  4. On a three-liter bottle, add 30 ml of vinegar or a dessert spoon of acid.
  5. Bring the juice to a boil with sugar, and immediately pour it into a jar. Roll up.

Watermelon Simple Syrup Recipe

The easiest way to make watermelon syrup is with thick juice. To do this, boil it with a lot of sugar.

If you do not know how much sugar you like, then you need to add it gradually and try.

This advice will not be superfluous for very sweet watermelons. Sweet juice is boiled to the “soft ball” state, when a drop of syrup poured into a cup of cold water quickly takes shape and easily wrinkles with your hand, without spreading.

How to freeze a watermelon for the winter and does it make sense

Thanks to powerful and voluminous refrigerators with freezers, housewives are increasingly freezing from different fruits or vegetables. You can freeze absolutely everything, but with a watermelon this is a moot point and in most cases depends on your expectations from this process. Therefore, whether it is worth freezing a watermelon, you need to decide only after you decide what you need to get:

  • If we are talking about getting a fresh berry that you can immediately eat, then no, for this a watermelon will not work. And all because after thawing your yummy will turn into a slimy and incomprehensible something that obviously will not be the desire to eat.
  • If you plan to get watermelon ice that goes into cocktails or sorbets, then this is a very good idea. Usually this is done as follows: finely chopped watermelon or juice with pulp is poured into ice molds, frozen, and then laid out in a more convenient container for storage.

But freezing a whole watermelon does not make any sense, except when all this berry goes into a super-powerful blender. And then, the peel is unlikely to be delicious to eat. It is better to salt it or save it in another way, so that the winter holidays please you with a summer berry. Most often, recipes with wax or sand are used to preserve its condition and taste. However, no one will guarantee that by cutting such a watermelon, you will see the usual summer treat: sometimes it is a foul-smelling jelly and disappointment.

Pickled Watermelons

A delicious watermelon is a healthy berry, it is not surprising that they want to keep it for the winter. It is a pity that he is very moody, but there are recipes that have stood the test of time, which means that this delicacy will still be on your New Year's table.