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Can Senpai and Tanrek be mixed to spray cabbage

Tell me, is it possible to mix both drugs for spraying cabbage? Just this year the Colorado potato beetle appeared and there were caterpillars too. What is the best way to spray?

Colorado is breaking a cabbage ... I hear it for the first time ... first try one ... the one for cabbage ...

otherwise fleas, caterpillars and all living creatures eat everything

SPILLING cabbage by sprinkling: three tablespoons of 10% ammonia per bucket of water. From Colorado praised a new drug, Zhukoed. We bought, but have not used yet, too early!

Spray only from the Colorado potato beetle, if it dies, then the caterpillars along with it, they are more weakly covered with skin and they will have enough poison.

have you tried marigolds?

grow throughout the garden ... but they still do not bloom ... and my flea is already bursting ... while I sprinkle pepper with ash + cr.

why bother. Try each one separately and you'll know which one is more effective. When mixed, some compounds may not give the desired result

If you are not an agricultural chemist, then it is better not to mix drugs. Use separately. Start with Tanrek, maybe it will be enough.

ash and cr. pepper together?

Yes, pour in gauze and trush over cabbage ... it is desirable that there is dew ... then the mixture on the sheets is delayed.