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How to understand whether barberry is edible

On the barberry plot. How to understand edible or not?

And another question on the rose. I can’t understand if the dog rose has come out?

If there are more than 5 leaves, just a dogrose

Not all five. I already compared with other roses on the leaves

The young shoots of wild rose are light green in color, and the shoots of a reddish rose. And the leaves have nothing to do with it.

On the shoot of a rose are five leaf leaves. Rosehip - 7 leaves in a complex sheet. Although park roses may have 7 leaves

Great means not a dog rose. I remember someone on the site wrote that there were five leaves of a rose, so I thought it was

You most likely have a park. And always look at the color of young leaves. You will not be mistaken

Thank you for the advice I have five on it

At dawn

I didn’t want to write a park, but I wrote everything with accuracy, on the contrary. Sorry grandma 🙂

There is nothing. The main rose and not the dog rose

Rosehips 7 sheets, some light roses have 5 roses, but they are always 10 cm from the bush. I have 1 rose like this, it always throws the rose hip 🙁

The park rose also has seven, but it’s not a dog rose.

How to understand the light colors of roses encountered 5. Who meets whom. Unclear

I also have one with seven leaves; well, I’m light cream and a dogrose of 5 leaves, where I buy roses, a woman said that roses are in bright colors, sometimes there is a dog rose of 5 leaves.

And here the color of the rose, it is grafted onto the dogrose, and red or white it is not important anymore. You are blonde and I am brunette, and so according to your version you have five fingers on your hand. And I have seven: (so what? You have a park rose with 7 leaves. You read above everything is written.

If you do not like what I wrote to you, why argue, they would write their review and that’s all. And I can sense in my sight which root rose, which one is grafted on a wild rose, which one is grafted on a wild rose. I have more than 60 species. I write with what I encounter and with what acquaintances encounter. The roses that have a lot of rose hips are light roses and roses of 2 colors; they take root better on the dog rose. Dark ones take root on the wild rose better. From this price, all roses that are sold at 100 - 200 rubles. These are roses grafted on a dog rose. Light roses often eats a bug, they often get sick and they have anomalies.

I planted a rose for the first time in the fall, this year I branched out the whole branch and there are 7 petals everywhere, maybe it was a dog rose instead of a rose for me, or what now needs to be done? Tell me please, )

Natalia, decorative barberry. Fruiting is not like that. One and the other are growing.

This is a cultivated rose, not a wild rose, the rose hips have light green leaves. Barberry decorative.

There were berries that year but I didn’t dare to try

Vryatli sold you a rose hip, you see the rose has frozen, and the rosehip is rushing. And yet, what color are the twigs?

Barberry is not decorative, does it differ in color?

Rosehip has 7 leaves, Rose has 5 leaves, you have a rose

I have a real barberry growing (such as they sell in the south), because his leaves are more like jasmine. And they are larger.

But do not tell me if I have edible arbaris or not

Irina, decorative can be green or like yours. And the real one, it grows higher. Look on the Internet for barberry or dogwood.

A sprig of green. Bought this year. What touches barberry is most interesting

It seems all the same rose hips.

In classmates a woman who grows roses asked she said a rose

In the photo there is a rose! , rosehip is light green. Today at work I removed the overgrowth of wild rose.