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What kind of pumpkin to plant on the site

I got pumpkin seeds “Russian Woman”, written with the scent of melon. Friends, maybe someone planted one. Anyway, the choice - the eyes run wide. Advise a proven variety.

Thank you, so I’ll calmly sow 🙂

And who planted the pumpkin “Sweetie”, seduced by the name! 🙂

Did anyone plant a “pumpkin banana”?

I would also be seduced 🙂 painfully the name is tasty

Also there is one такая

I also sat down a Russian woman. I really liked making candied fruits in the dryer. Tastier than sweets!

And I bought a plant.

Russian woman is a merger. Sweet and smells very like melon.

Last year I grew such a pumpkin. Loved it, sweet and melon smell, simple miracle. I’ll plant it again. I’ll also plant candy, I bought seeds.

Last year, I grew candy - very productive, tasty, medium-sized. This year again acquired.

I want to make pumpkin jam with dried apricots 🙂 🙂

In the fall, be sure to tell about the candy 🙂

Did you store the pumpkin whole or was it frozen?

In the fall we will all share our successes!

Yes, I agree with you. I really like the group, you can always find out a lot of interesting things.

Candied pumpkin is also delicious.

It didn’t get to freezing. Ate while it was fresh, only 5 pieces, quickly ended. Now I’ll plant more.

I really want to try candied fruits, but there is no dryer. Will it work in the oven?

Did in the dryer. I have not tried it in the oven.

That’s it, I’m drooling now 🙂 candied fruits I want

I still have a pumpkin. I cut the penultimate a couple of weeks ago. It smelled like melon, it tasted sweet and juicy.

Wow :-) means stored well. I love porridge from pumpkin, but from ice cream it doesn’t work out at all. Anya, where is it stored at your place?

At home lies under the table. Only now the crust as the crust has already become

For not frozen 🙂 🙂

Yeah. This year I'll try to plant more seeds from her.

If it’s not difficult, then write how the seeds work

I planted a Russian woman last year, I liked it very much! Firstly, it grows itself almost without care and formation, secondly, small pumpkins - 1-2 times to eat and store conveniently, and thirdly, two pumpkins are still not eaten in my table and they would at least do something . To taste - the most ordinary, there is nothing supernatural. Ordinary tasty pumpkin, definitely not a melon 🙂

And what about your seeds may not work? This is not a hybrid, an ordinary variety. Therefore, everything will work out for sure. I also collected seeds from my pumpkin and I will plant them =)

It's good that the pumpkins are small, and stored for a long time

I just don’t collect seeds, but this year I’ll try

I also usually do not collect seeds, but here I collected, could not resist 🙂 - with pumpkins it is simple. I washed them with water, dried them on a plate and put them in a bag. I think they will grow up as cute

I also took seeds from the last pumpkin, but they wrote on the site that we had to wait a few years, otherwise there would be empty flowers, but I would try a couple. They praised the Smile pumpkin, but did not plant it and did not find any seeds.

I will try)

I also heard about a smile, but I also could not find any seeds. But the first time I hear about empty flowers :(. But I’ll try anyway :-).

Ok, but it's only when the ovaries are pumpkins 🙂

Very interesting 🙂

I heard about cucumbers, and now about pumpkins, I always plant them, but I will try too.

Tanya, I also did not try to collect the seeds. We will try)

I have very little space under the garden, maybe hundreds of 2. I want to plant a little bit of everything, but I collected and will try

Tanyusha snacks 🙂 I really want to try everything 🙂

In the first photo, what I planted last year, there were 2 sticks left, and in the second I bought the other day, late ripe, lying.

Gardeners, too, such garbage (bought in the year with the taste of orange 🙂 yeah, chichas ran away) in shape and size just like an orange) and that's it) and yet) bought zucchini Italian pasta) wrote that from the inside like threads like pasta) it grew a little and where it is inside threads? I had simple zucchini)


Pretty ones)

Yes with seeds you will not guess :( :( :( :(

The pumpkin from which you are going to take seeds should be planted away from zucchini and other pumpkin; they are pollinated and then all kinds of pumpkins, pumpkins, etc. are obtained, much worse.

I have been planting pumpkin Baby for a year. But this is for lovers of small pumpkins - 2-2, 5kg. It is stored for a long time - and now one pumpkin has not yet been eaten, we feed the granddaughter. To the best of aromatic, firm flesh. Not many ovaries were formed on the lashes, but I think, applying new methods of agricultural technology now - the yield from the bush will be greater.

Thank you, did you plant “Sweetie” seedlings?

In a greenhouse, sown in a glass then planted seedlings in open ground (Sverdlovsk region)