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What varieties of tomatoes are quite stable

What tomatoes should be planted so that they can “survive” under not very favorable conditions, such as a lack of light and an unstable temperature? They say that the bear’s variety is quite unpretentious and, at the same time, it has large and juicy fruits.


Unfortunately, there is no such variety that can for a long time cost poor lighting and temperature extremes. If you do not have the opportunity to provide plantings with the required agricultural technology, choose varieties resistant to late blight. Since most often this disease undergoes tomato bushes in adverse weather conditions. The Bear’s Tomato variety is truly versatile and not whimsical. It belongs to tall varieties, therefore it requires reliable support, pinching and bush formation. It is quite resistant to weather changes and humidity, which means late blight. The varieties have approximately the following characteristics: Little Prince (small fruits, good for canning), Ambitious miracle (fruits up to 100g), Moscow Lights (does not require pinching), Academician Sakharov (salad, fruits up to 300g), Heart of America (heart shape, fruits up to 1000g), Ray (elongated oval shape), Marmande (fruits up to 200g), etc. The list is not complete; when searching, the selection is quite large. Still choose zoned varieties.