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What kind of pest eats radish and cabbage

Tell me, please, what is missing for tomatoes? And who devours radishes? Cabbage in the same condition.

I totally agree.

A cruciferous flea eats a radish. Tomatoes lack nitrogen and phosphorus, feed them with infusion of ash or azophos.

Tomatoes have a clear lack of phosphorus. Superphosphate can be used, but it does not dissolve well. I bought a liquid in the store and added it to the herbal “stink”, now there are beauties.

treat the cabbage with an insecticide, but radish with something organic folk such as ammonia, valerian and so on ... Hurry with cabbage - today it can be slugs, tomorrow the moth will fly, and the day after tomorrow fleas will come up - the year is now rich in muck. so don't think long!

I apologize for being off topic. Nettle in the barrel was fermented, arrows from garlic and something else there. Is it possible to spray all these vegetables? Will aphids and colorado beetles help? Is it possible to add ash ?.

Of course, it is possible to spray, but far from everything is absorbed through the leaves of the plant, therefore it is better to combine root and non-root dressing. will not. Ashes must be added, it is potassium, which is especially necessary for plants to form fruits.

thanks. It will not be worse, and this is the main thing. And the root dressing in our mullein

in vain you are so about garlic) aphids help us very well)

I'm not talking about garlic, but about aphids. I myself recommended this method for a very long time and used it several times. But alas, nothing helps now. The amount of garlic is no longer known and whether this concentration will be useful.

vodka!!! From or super !! But expensive))