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What to do if a raid appears on the ground

Hello! Please tell me what to do? I bought universal land for flowers at the store, after a week and a half, such a raid appeared.

What water was watered?

I, too, “hit”. Zucchini seeds were taken out, washed and planted in new soil, and half of the seedlings of flowers died. And what is left alive after this land is not happy with rapid growth ... I made conclusions for myself for the future ...

Work on any land, even bought and sort of checked.

))) after the appearance of this, I began to grow rapidly paganka))) in large numbers ((((

either hard water or a lot of peat (mold). potassium permanganate mold and do not fill

Thank you all so much! Apparently still flooded with water. And the tap water is ordinary ... It will be a pity if the seedlings die ...

Gather it carefully, sprinkle it with ash and slightly flake. Die watering (I poured water on mine, too, from the tap, which was not defended). My peppers survived and delight me now. I think yours can help;)

thanks a lot! I will do so! Thanks!

It’s necessary to peel the land by planting, at least in the microwave for a couple of minutes

in this particular soil, excess salts and fertilizers were poured from the heart, but crazy

Probably poorly dried soil. I had to transplant everything to another land. but in one of the packages I generally found bamboo)))

thanks. Now I will consider for the future.

I personally didn’t pour anything there, they bought the soil and planted it ...

Alocasias often come across in purchased soil, if you are talking about indoor bamboo as in the photo, then this is Dracaena Sander

did not even check))) just burned)))

but in vain), there would be a freebie flower), judging by the photo it was alocasia)

I have 2 more such packages, maybe there will also be gifts)))) then I’ll definitely plant them.

who says that you poured something there? soil producer. There were cases when the soil had to be washed out, because the plants in them just died

everything is possible. But they tried to buy better soil. Most likely I poured some water from my heart ...

I acted on the advice, carefully collected the top layer, it remains to sprinkle with ash or lime ..., and see what happens next. The earth was too wet ... Thank you all so much!