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What to do if hydrangea does not grow

How to save hydrangea? I bought a bush in early April. He landed, and to this day he is in the same condition. Does not grow, does not dry out. And the leaves are some kind of yellowish. Other hydrangeas are sitting nearby, and I see that they grow and develop, but this one does not. What to do? How to save it?

Your hydrangea will definitely go, feed a little.

probably the same was ... I thought that the color of the leaves depends on the variety. She was supposed to be bright crimson with a green center

sprinkled epin leaves ... And made the root dressing universal for hydrangeas ... One branch began to wither ... I don’t understand anything (

Olga’s question about color was not in vain, if blue, for example, it grew on acidic soil and got used to it)

she is raspberry with a green center

and what color is hydrangea around?

Nearby is blue, and the color of the leaves is green, normal. bought in one place ... I don’t understand what’s the matter

“The fact is that the color of hydrangea flowers depends on the acidity of the soil. Pink and raspberry blossoms occur during a slightly alkaline reaction, and they turn blue on acidic soil, and it must be borne in mind that white inflorescences practically do not change their color. ”So, it turns out that your little blue one grows on acidic soil, which is why it feels great, and the pink you bought on alkaline. And now trying to adapt to acidic soil)

So either we’re spreading it to different ends, to create good conditions or somehow we are trying to cope locally, but very experienced gardeners don’t always succeed.

both hydrangeas were bought from one person, that’s the whole reason! They grew there in the same land.

“Or somehow we are trying to cope locally, but this is very experienced gardeners do not always succeed” So to the seller for advice)

she lacks iron, she needs to buy iron sulfate or copper sulfate in stores, maybe some of the new products that came out, the main thing is to explain that there is not enough iron, but I did it differently: I found the biggest rusty nail, 2 pcs. And poked into the soil, it was very rusty, and while I was looking for this sulfate, my hydrangea recovered, the leaves began to fill with greenery, it started from the lower leaves. Just, as a temporary measure, while I was looking for this sulfate. When I found it, shed hydrangea, and became a beauty. Ira, a nail is a temporary measure, but it helps, oddly enough, it helps, but it's a bit of the wrong iron, you need to stick the rustiest nail into the edge of the pot, but sulfate is required.

Thank you so much! I'll try, but she doesn’t live in a pot, but in the open ground ... I think there’s no difference?

no difference.

Irene, there will be any questions about the colors, please contact me first, only the name of the flower is required.

Maybe someone knows how to save a peony who is in the same situation now? Help!

and you don’t know how to save a peony that also sits for 3 weeks and does not develop?

Katya, let's decide what kind of YOUR peony is tree-like or grassy?

Catherine, let's decide what type YOUR peony belongs to: tree-like or grassy?

thank you very much) today an iron chelate preparation went through the leaves ... I hope that it leaves ... One bear bitten (the underground part) was simply shocked ((I thought I was sick after the fertilizer, and then these infections help ... You don’t know how to get them out ?? A neighbor stores cow dung in his garden, and there’s just a million of these Bears (((everyone guzzles on their way ...