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The best varieties of cucumbers for different climatic conditions

Almost all summer residents are interested in cucumber varieties (Cucumis sativus), which can be grown in open ground. In order for the crop to be of high quality and high, it is necessary to choose the right variety of cucumbers depending on the region of cultivation.

The best varieties of cucumbers for the Moscow region

Cucumbers for growing in the suburbs should be bought taking into account their compliance with the climatic conditions of the region. Prefer planting material from trusted manufacturers. The best varieties for the Moscow region are presented in the table.

Grade nameKey FeaturesFruit characterization

Claudia F1 (Claudia)

Early ripe hybrid. Matures in 48 days

Green, 10 cm long, with small tubercles, without bitterness.

Libelle F1 (Libelle)

Mid-season. Matures in 52 days

Elliptical, dark green, with small tubercles

Red Mullet F1 (Mullus)

Early ripe hybrid, matures in 48 days

Light, up to 7 cm long

Thumb Boy F1 (Tom Thumb)

Early ripe with female inflorescences

Oval, green with weak stripes

Blizzard F1 (Snowstorm)

Ultra-early with female inflorescences

Oval, pubescent

Connie F1 (Lucius Annaeus)Early hybrid, matures in 1.5 monthsOval cucumbers, up to 10 cm long

The best varieties for growing in Siberia

A very popular variety in Siberia is Murom. But in this region, you can grow other worthy varieties of cucumbers. The seeds obtained in Siberia are best taken root. Popular varieties are presented in the table: all of them are characterized by their unpretentious care, rapid ripening and long fruiting.

Cucumbers: the choice of varieties for open ground



Fruit characterization

F1 Claudia (Claudia)

Self-pollinated, one of the best in Siberian breeding

No bitterness, with small tubercles

Manul (Pallas)

High-yielding bee pollinator with a female type of flowering

Length - up to 20 cm

F1 Herman

Hybrid good yield

Without bitterness, the shape resembles gherkins

Altai early (Altai mane)

Early ripe

Used for making salads

F1 Zozulya

Self-pollinating with long fruiting

Greens, taste good

Mig (Momentum)

Productivity - 10 kg with m²

Extra long, great for salads

The best varieties for central Russia

It is worth remembering that the early varieties are susceptible to diseases, therefore, for central Russia, it is preferable to choose varieties with medium and late ripening.


Key Features

Fruit characterization

April (Aprelskij)

Universal. Fruits on the 45th day

Cylindrical vegetables, up to 25 cm long

Moscow evenings (Moscow nocte)

Mid-season hybrid

Fruits weighing up to 110 g. Suitable for salting

Erofei (Erofei)

Mid-pollinated bee

Fruits are short, tuberous, ovoid

Fontanel F1 (Fonticulus)

Mid-bee pollinated hybrid

Fruits of a cylindrical shape, with thorns

The secret of F1 (Mercaturam abscondito)

Early ripe universal purpose

Zelentsy cylindrical, weighing 115 g

MashaHigh-yielding early ripening with long fruitingZelentsy resemble gherkins in appearance. Taste great

The best varieties for the North-West of Russia

Good varieties for the North-West are those that do not lend themselves to disease and decay under the influence of atmospheric precipitation.


Key Features

Fruit characterization


Boring fruiting

Zelentsy not used for salting, salad

Rogue (Praedo)

Universal look, fructification, long-lasting fruiting

On one sinus of the leaf, up to 7 ovaries are formed, the taste qualities of cucumbers are good


Parthenocarpic hybrid. Few leaves

The fruits are green, delicious


Dutch hybrid with shortened roots

Fruits are suitable for salting

The best varieties of cucumbers for the Urals

Varieties that are not afraid of severe frosts are recommended for the Urals. The most popular of them are presented in the table: all of them are high-yielding and resistant to most diseases.

Grade name



Cupid F1 (Cupid)


Suitable for salting and eating fresh

Voyage F1 (Aliquam)

Early ripening

Salad, ripen on day 45

Ajax F1 (Aiax)

Early ripening bee pollinated

Fruit weight - up to 100 g

Arina F1 (Arina)

High yielding

They are used only fresh.

The best options for the Samara region

In the Samara region, it is best to grow self-pollinated varieties of cucumbers. When choosing, you should consider what you are going to use the crop for: for canning, cooking or eating fresh.



Fruit characterization

Delicious (Delectamentum)


Smooth, with small tubercles

Son of the Regiment (Filius potestate)


Oval Mini Gherkins

Madame (Mulier)

Mid-season. Matures on the 43rd day



Bee pollinated hybrid

Elongated, cylindrical, dark green


Ultra early

Up to 10 cm long, with tubercles, green

Connie (Lucius Annaeus)


Small size

We hope our article will help you choose the most successful varieties of cucumbers for growing, and you will always have a high and tasty crop.

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