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Is it time to remove the bag from the snail and put it on the light

Dear ones, tell me, is it time to remove the bag from the snail and put it on the light? Only one “baby” appeared. Or is it some kind of weed? Painfully thin.

I would put in a bright warm place without a bag.

Wait another loop until the package is removed.

Wash this weed. Living Earth 🙂

And what about your snail. ?

Eggplant. This sprout seems to me strange

Definitely a weed.

I'll go kill the wretch.

It can be eggplant sprouts, but you didn’t sift the ground, it’s hard to break through them in snails seedlings.

Irina, no, did not sift: (I came to my senses already when I twisted it (I decided not to pull the sprout, but to observe it.

You need to put on a dark bag and put it on the battery, look every day in the morning and in the evening for loops. As soon as a few loops of barely noticeable appear, immediately remove the bag and place in the light, do not water for 2-3 days; they still have enough moisture if you put it on the toilet. Paper.

Thank you very much for the detailed advice! And if I immediately planted it in the ground, how do I know if it’s time to water it? Can wet sawdust be placed on the bottom of the jar in which the snail stands?

I would turn the edge and look at the state of the land and seeds, you will immediately see what to do, if the ground is wet, leave it as it is, but if it’s stiff, then I can spray it from the top of the sprayer, I don’t put any files, I water 1 time in 3 I try not to over-moisten the day out of the syringe.


Thank you!

I snails with the earth do not spray water at all. I keep the snails in sawdust and only water the sawdust. The earth itself will absorb as much water as necessary. And when spraying, a crust forms on my upper soil

Tell me, how to sift the earth?

Through a sieve, which is special. For sale in a fixed spice with large cells. I have a baby Savoy

Thanks. I will take advantage.

Interesting. What is it you have grown. For me it’s a weed. Here I am returning again to your topic. Write the result. Interesting. Maybe I was wrong?

So far I have been observing - there are no changes. It will be seen further. Let me know how to figure it out