Practical tips for the use of fungicide Horus

It is practically proved - the full effectiveness of the fungicide Horus can be seen only in the spring. In the rules for the use of the drug, the manufacturer indicates the time for the treatments - the "pink bud" phase in stone fruits. It really is. After two treatments: at the time of opening the buds and immediately after flowering, you can get an approximately 70% guarantee of protecting the garden from fungal diseases in the spring.

The remaining 30% depends on the quality of the spraying, the set of subsequent preventive measures in May, weather conditions and the phytopathological situation in each particular year.

The use of potent mixtures of chorus with other drugs enhances and prolongs protection. The fungicide scor, any water-soluble fertilizers containing boron and phosphorus, as well as growth regulators that increase the resistance of plants to low temperatures, are very suitable for this. The effectiveness of chorus on pome and berry shrubs is as high as on stone fruits. The almost completely absent phytotoxicity makes this drug universal. Regarding grape chorus treatments. The results are excellent, but there is a big minus. It is necessary to pay attention to the rate of consumption. When working in orchards, a solution concentration of 2-4 g per 10 liters of water is used, and on grapes 6-7 g.

Based on the price of the drug - the grape becomes "golden". Many other fungicides can be selected for this crop. The summer use of chorus leaves a lot of questions. Firstly, two treatments have already been done in the spring. Better now to change the drug. Secondly, in the hotter period of the year, many other fungicides are applicable. Thirdly, we must pay attention to the waiting time. In chorus, this figure is 15-28 days. Not in all cultures in the summer is this permissible.