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Why do pelargonium dry leaves

Good day! Tell me, please, what about pelargonium? About 15 pots stand nearby, and leaves of 6 plants dry. Watering every three days. Is it some kind of disease or is it just something that she doesn't like? Thanks in advance!

I don’t know what to do either. All summer grew up in the country, moved home, the same trouble ...

And I have the same misfortune. All summer it was cold and raining. I watered Epin, Phytosporin, fertilized Kemira little help. Two pots of beautiful ivy simply died. Maybe it's from dampness?

My mother always cuts them for the winter and puts them in a dark place ... in the spring she puts them on the windowsill ...

Yes Yes! also one of the options! Autumn she just .... wants to sleep .... and they feed her

I didn’t try to feed them, they bloomed well all year and now there are also many buds, but I cut them so that I could leave the plant with strength. With watering so because at home dry soil quickly dries up. I hope that you are right and it’s really in the autumn

tear off all the bad leaves, sprinkle with phytosporin ... It will not hurt, well, you never know what kind of fungus it is ... Although it looks more like burns ... Is there no direct sun?

there is no sun for a long time, it rains the third week. It's just that they somehow do not dry as usual, so I panic

Maybe you moved it from place to place and it hurts, they have been sitting in the ground all summer for me in the country, now I cut them and planted them again, the lower leaves dried out and then climbed new ones.

I didn’t rearrange, it is embarrassing that my mother has the same pelargonium, but they are all with green leaves.

Alice, it happened to me too, but I don’t worry, cut off the leaves and cut it off if possible, but transplanted it into another pot. Do not worry

thanks. I hope for the best

has time to grow? sorry to crop, I want the window to turn green in winter

where to the dark place, to the basement?

trimmed and planted without roots or trimmed tops? I always feel sorry for trimming them

for greens, you can also have other flowers, and these to be healthy and bloom regularly - you need to either trim or rejuvenate, cutting and rooting young twigs ...

just cut, trunks, leave stumps ... mom always puts under the bed and does not water, in February he gets it ...

sorry to cut, but I will try to make 1 brush

Galina, if you want your flower to grow bush, then pinch it, and so it needs to be rejuvenated from time to time. I choose a young twig, break off and immediately into the ground, very carefully and water the window. I did it a month ago and have already gained color. And over the summer in the ground at the dacha they “grow by leaps and bounds”. If there is no garden, then it is possible to the balcony. These flowers are very fond of fresh air.

Geranium is transplanted in March and in August in March we cut it into the water, in May we plant it in the country, autumn is back home

Excess moisture. Just poured it.